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We have been deeply involved in the industry for many years. In order to do our best to ensure your privacy and safety, we use professional and advanced systems and management methods to handle your orders in a black box.


1. Products Category
Only by focusing can we do one thing well. For many years, we have been focusing on American ID Card Customization, which has covered most major American states. Moreover, in response to the needs of many old customers, we have also developed SSN and Canadian products. The technical innovation of genuine cards is very fast, and our professional team keeps the highest efficiency, so as to ensure that our products can always be updated the first time and that your business will not be delayed.

2. Quality Guarantee
100% scannable, UV, hologram, barcode, bend? This is only the minimum requirement of product quality for us. In addition, we strictly require our products not only to pass the bar machine verification but also to fool the eyes of the most professional bar security guards. The handle, elasticity, thickness, and flexibility of the card should be exactly the same as the real card. With this card, you can go anywhere you want, bars, clubs, and casinos. You can buy wine and medicine. You can book hotels, find jobs, rent apartments, and rent cars.

3. Payment Methods
We support Credit/debit Cards, Zelle, Bitcoin, Bank transfers, etc. The world’s top ID cards are all produced in China, which is the safest and most efficient. 24/7 online service, 365 days working. The most terrible thing about cross-border online shopping is fraud. As an honest seller, if you buy your ID card on our website for the first time, we strongly recommend that you pay by credit/debit card to ensure that if fraud happens, such as no delivery, no reply to inquiries, etc., a 100% refund is available. In addition, we need to specially point out that we do not accept refunds for unjustified reasons, please understand.

4. Shipping Methods
In the past ten years, we have sent more than three million packages to customers, and accumulated rich experience in international logistics routes and hidden professional packaging. Finally, we selected several equally excellent and professional logistics companies for long-term cooperation, and provided you with two delivery methods to choose from according to different customer needs: USPS/YunExpress (2 weeks, all free) is for customers who focus on cost performance, while DHL/FEDEX (1 week, $60 fee) is for customers who focus on efficiency and timeliness.

Note: urgent order for priority processing, please contact us for Card Customization.